Annual Convention and Trade Show
Members receive free entry to the 3-day Convention and 2-day Trade Show for owners, managers and their employees (14 years and older).  This is the industry’s premier forum for products, services, and information catering to the ice cream and fast food business.

Educational Seminars
Educational seminars related to our industry are presented during our annual convention. Seminars are specific to timely issues regarding the ice cream and fast food business along with hands on demonstrations.

Mentor Program
Matching emerging leaders within the ice cream and fast food industry with seasoned professionals to learn from one another and enjoy a stronger professional experience.

ServSafe Food Certification
As a manager, you need to know food safety and the critical importance of its role.  And how to share food safety knowledge with every employee.  Some of the concepts managers will understand with ServSafe training include; sanitation, the flow of food through the operation and sanitary facilities and pest management.  This one-day class is offered at the annual convention.

The Ward J. Anderson Scholarship
The Great Lakes Ice Cream +Fast Food Association sponsors the Ward J. Anderson Scholarship program whereby employees of members that meet eligibility requirements are eligible to be awarded scholarship monies. An awards ceremony takes place during the annual convention honoring our scholarship winners and their sponsor.

Constant Contact
Thru our partnership with Constant Contact members receive a 20% – 25% discount and can try this benefit for a free 60 day trial.

Group Facebook
Members enjoy a closed “Members Only” Facebook page to ask questions, share ideas, and network with fellow members.

Quarterly e-newsletters serve members as a fast information source with reliable, timely articles pertinent to our industry.

Enables us to communicate with members on fast breaking information.

E-Membership Directory
Links supplier members with products/services to store operator members.

E-Resource Directory
Provides valuable resource information to run your business better including; Human Resource Forms, Federal Workplace Posters, Hand Dip Ice Cream Cabinet Set Up, Proper Ice Cream Scooping, Hand Dip Ice Cream Economics 101 and more.

Networking Opportunities
Learn the insight and tips from hundreds of industry professionals at the Convention and Trade Show.  Share your notes and techniques with fellow members.

Board of Directors
Membership of all types carry the right to vote and to hold office as a member of the Great Lakes Ice Cream + Fast Food Association, if elected by the membership at large.

Your membership includes a membership certificate to display proudly in your business and FREE subscription for The National Dipper Magazine.