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Investing in yourself and your business offers one of the best returns there is.  It makes a statement to your peers and to those whom you do business with that you are continually growing and improving.  At the Great Lakes Ice Cream + Fast Food Association (GLIC+FFA), we strive to help you achieve that growth through all the benefits, resources, and services we can offer that will strengthen, build, and support your efforts.

Taking the steps to become a member of GLIC+FFA not only provides you with instant access to a community of like-minded ice cream and fast food industry professionals, but also access to many self-investment opportunities including; having valuable and pertinent information communicated and shared throughout the year, discovering the latest industry trends, keeping you updated with both current and past issues of the GLIC+FFA Newsletters, and so much more!

Join now and make the wise choice of adding a wealth of valuable information for your business.  We look forward to working together and you becoming a member of GLIC+FFA, the premier association supporting and enabling ice cream and fast food professionals.

Our Mission Statement

To act as a networking association among members, distributors, and manufacturers to help our independent store operators manage their day-to-day business in an effort to maintain and enhance a profitable business status.

What We Do

Great Lakes Ice Cream +Fast Food Association (GLIC+FFA) is a voice and leader in the ice cream and fast food industry.  GLIC+FFA provides information, education, and face-to-face opportunities to build business relationships.  We deliver relevant and highly focused services and activities designed to enhance and broaden the knowledge base and professional development of our membership.

Membership Profile

GLIC+FFA is composed of store operators, distributors, and manufacturers in the ice cream and fast food industry.  We value and promote diversity of membership, in terms of company size, products, and geographical area.  Each active member is given one vote, regardless of size.


GLIC+FFA is represented by a 12-member volunteer Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors provides strategic direction carried out by the President and professional staff.

Membership Dues

When you pay dues to GLIC+FFA, you become a “member”.  Dues are based on factors, rather than the number of businesses.  Therefore, all members can enjoy the benefits of membership without additional financial consequences.

                Owners choose GLIC+FFA because it’s the right choice for their business!