Friday, February 1, 2019
Jimmy G Graham
Mastermind Your Business and Your Life

Imagine being able to imagine your way of success!  In this engaging talk, you will hear how various celebrities who have used visualization to achieve their success.  You will learn how to use Jimmy G visualization to relate his own success in business and life as well.

During this interactive keynote, Jimmy G will share tips, as well as share demonstrations which will involve the entire audience.

Jimmy G has 30+ years of personal development training creating six figure companies.  He has worked with Frito-Lay, Home Depot, All Weather Seal, Remax, to name few.  Jimmy G has written several books, appeared on national television and radio talk shows, newspapers, magazines, and a weekly radio guest host.

Saturday, February 2, 2019
Kara Beer, IOM, MPA
Your Business and the Chamber of Commerce

Kara will welcome attendees to Battle Creek (Michigan), provide a brief history of Battle Creek, and updates of new developments coming to the city.  Kara will share her story as a chamber member and voice why she encourages businesses to become chamber members involved in their communities.  Her commitment to chamber members is a testament to the growth in the Battle Creek community.  Kara will share how your local Chamber of Commerce can become an asset for the growth in your community.

Kara joined the chamber in 2011 and is the current President of the Battle Creek Chamber of Commerce.  Her duties include the overall vision and leadership of the 600+ members and the chamber staff.  Kara received a Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education in 2000 and Masters in Public Administration in 2012.