2021 Feature Speakers

Jenny Andrews
Digital Marketing and Social Media

Jenny will cover the importance of knowing your brand and how to present it through the various advertising medium options.  She will cover boosting ads on Facebook, the importance of a regular social media presence, how to run your own paid search program and the basics of Goggle Analytics – including how to set it up and use the information collected.

Jenny’s Bio
Jenny Andrews is a Public Relations Director in West Michigan and a life long resident of Battle Creek (MI).  She began her career working with high school juniors and seniors in a career and technical education center teaching the basics of graphic design and production printing.  Jenny has in experience marketing for a national manufacturing company in Bronson, Michigan; a degree completion college in Battle Creek, an arena football team in Kalamazoo, and most recently in outside sales with Adams Outdoor Advertising.

Jenny earned her B.S. in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Marketing from Miller College and her MBA in Strategic Management from Davenport University.

Jeff Hage, Co-owner of Green Frog Photo
Food Photography

There is a saying “we eat with our eyes” but how do you create eye appealing food pictures.  Jeff will show you how use category related menu items and backgrounds to consider when creating eye appealing food pictures to use for your website and a wide array social media platforms.

Jeff’s Bio
Jeff is a commercial photographer with over 30 years experience and co-owner of Green Frog Photo.  He has worked with Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and startups, and has shared his wealth of insight with marketing clients in the restaurant, food processing, agriculture spaces and more.  Understanding customer behaviors, trends and psychology has made him a trusted source, with restaurants left in-love with Jeff’s ability to “get butts into seats”, generating revenue and a stellar customer experience.

Leslie Fiorenzo, Founder of Coach with Leslie, LLC

Why Vision is the First Step to Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is an oft talked about illusive term and something most business owners want.  Research suggests most of the American workforce isn’t engaged, 67% some studies report.  Want can you do to change that in your business?  Leslie shares with you why the vision is the first step to building a team people you can rely to run your business.  She will share processes to create an inspiring vision and ways to align your team and execute the vision.

Leslie’s Bio
Leslie Fiorenzo, founder of Coach With Leslie, LLC., is a former HR and employee assistance professional turned performance coach.  Leslie earned her Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development from Western Michigan University and is the author of Twenty-One Lessons for Mastering the Difficult Conversation.  She is a visionary at heart working closely with each client to create a positive and synergistic working relationship.  Leslie’s understanding of business and employee relations has proven invaluable in developing customer focused solutions.


Roxanne will present an overview of what you need to know in Quick Books for your business.  Her overview will contain; entering daily sales, expenses, and payroll.  Plus daily, weekly, and monthly reports to keep your business cash floor flowing.

Roxanne’s Bio
Roxanne has an accounting degree from Calvin College and pursued a CPA license after graduation.  She started a company that offers expert, personal service while offering flexibility to public accounts and private industry.  She has a passion for developing people and processes in a thriving culture.