50th Anniversary
February 2 – 4, 2017

Keynote Speaker, Chris Holman
Your Business and Your Community
Friday, February 2, 2017

Chris is the Founder and CEO of Michigan Business Network, a business news site and broadcasting company.  For over 40 years Chris has used his skills as an entrepreneur to successfully start businesses, launch magazines, run companies, serve on community boards, and host various talk show programs on both radio and the internet.  He currently is the primary host of Michigan Business Beat and co-hosts The Week in Small Business talk programs on Michigan Business Network.

Appointed in 2006 as Michigan’s Small Business Advocate by then Governor Jennifer Graham, Chris has served as a liaison between Michigan Economic Development Corporation and small business owners while working closely with the Michigan Business Ombudsman’s offices.

Keynote Speaker, Damus Smith
Discover Your Dynamics
Saturday, February 4, 2017

We all have this power to possess but sadly we don’t access.  The people that are excelling in today’s world have learned how to tap into the power that allows them to overcome obstacles and charge forward in the face of opposition.  Damus will show you how to “Discover Your Dynamics” that will allow you to make a dynamic impact in your organization, and crate a dynamic shift in your life.

In this powerful, inspirational seminar, Damus, teaches audiences the “Forces of Dynamics” that will help entrepreneurs stay motivated in challenging times, develop strategies to increase sales, and recharge their human battery to take their business to the next level.

Keynote Speaker, Damus Smith, is Saturday, February 4, 2017.

Trade Show

Our doors are open to qualified members of the foodservice hospitality industry.  Products, services, and ideas presented at the show will target the frozen dessert and foodservice industry.  Must be 14 years or older to enter.  Open to industry professionals only.

The Trade Show is held at the Lansing Convention Center, 333 E Michigan Ave, Lansing MI.