Testimonials from our Members

“The best thing about GLICFFA is learning new ideas and tricks from experienced members.  I have a resource when I need help with any of my businesses and employee problems.”
Suzanne Cox
Dairy Freezzz, Center Line MI
Dairy Freezzz Too, Madison Heights, MI

“We have been in the ice cream industry for a total of 84 combined years.  We learned early on that in order to be successful, we had to be original in our thoughts and be creative with our products.  We learned quite a few from attending the convention and have implemented these ideas into profitable products or events.”
Randy and Lisa Brown
Banana Split, Aurora, IL

“As a new business looking to learn more in the ice cream industry, we were quickly welcomed warmly and made new friendships.  We learned strategies, tools for marketing, and creating new menu items.  The trade show have benefited us with new suppliers and products.”
Bob and Anna Marie Decusky
Chill Out Ice Cream Parlor and Snack Shop, Shenandoah, PA